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Realising that you need help to discuss your difficulties can be a daunting prospect.  
Taking that first step can often take a while to build up to.
There are times when everyone needs help to work through the obstacles that life throws at us, or those within that keep us stuck.
I can offer long and short term counselling & psychotherapy to help with a wide range of issues.   
Working online or at my consulting room in Colchester, located close to the town center.   

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My consulting room is conveniently located in 
Colchester City center. 
Easily accessible by public transport
and parking just around the corner. 

The next step?

When seeking help for the first time it can be difficult to know which approach might be best for your needs.



I am a senior accredited member of BACP.  I have over 15 years of experience working in private practice and local mental health & wellbeing charities.  

I have expertise and experience working with adults of all ages, ethnicities and faiths.  My practice is LGBTQ+ affirmative. 


I am a licensed Counselling for Depression (CfD) practitioner, offering an alternative to CBT for working with anxiety and depression. 

Being a senior accredited member of my professional body the

British Association for

Counselling & Psychotherapy


guarantees an enhanced level of skill and experience. 


Alongside my professional credentials I am commited to staying grounded as an individual, having a sense of humour and remaining open to the unique experience of every single client that I meet. 

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MBACP (Senior Accredited)

British Association for

Counselling & Psychotherapy


BACP registered member


UKRCP Registered Independent Counsellor/Psychotherapist


Licensed Counselling for Depression

(CfD) practitioner






BA (Hons)Counselling Studies

IAPT (CfD) Counselling for Depresssion supervisor

Post Grad. Cert. Ed. (PGCE)

Dip. Person centred counselling

Cert. Person centred counselling

Cert. & Dip. Clinical supervision

BACP Logo - 26782.png

What is making life difficult for you?

You are experiencing difficulties in your relationships.  Perhaps conflict or disconnection, maybe the end of a significant relationship?


You have had a diagnosis of anxiety and/or depression through your GP.  However, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) didn't work for you and you're looking for an alternative approach.  


You have lost a loved one.


You are struggling with anger.


You are experiencing panic attacks.


You have reached a crisis in your identity.  You are desperate to discover a more authentic sense of self.  

You are finding it hard to cope with a life limiting condition.

You are progressively at odds with yourself, feeling divided and confused.  Triggering difficult emotions, which you don't understand.


You are feeling stuck or sad.


You may not fully understand what it is that you need help with, but know that you can't do it alone anymore. 


"People are just as wonderful as sunsets if you let them be. When I look at a sunset I don't find myself saying "soften the orange a bit on the right hand corner".  I don't try to control a sunset, I watch with awe as it unfolds".

Carl Rogers



Please contact me on the following:

Mobile: 07804 638350


All information is treated in the strictest confidence.

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